Tomato Ketchup
Our vegan Tomato Ketchup is our take on the classic sauce. It is rich and fresh, making it the perfect cupboard essential. Made with natural ingredients, our sauce is certified Low FODMAP Friendly and gluten-free. Our fresh Tomato Ketchup is...
Barbecue Sauce
Our delicious vegan Barbecue Sauce is rich and smoky. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to any BBQ or perfect as a dip, or why not marinate your tofu or chicken in it, for that mouth-watering smoky taste. Made with...
Chip Shop Curry Sauce
Our delicious vegan Chip Shop Curry Sauce is full of flavour and full of amazing spices. It is easy to use and can be eaten cold or heated up to re-create your favourite Chip Shop dishes in your kitchen.Use this...
Barbecue Sauce & Tomato Ketchup Duo
Elevate your BBQ with this tasty duo, Barbecue Sauce and Tomato Ketchup.Made with natural ingredients, our sauces are certified Low FODMAP Friendly and gluten-free. Our fresh vegan sauces are food made simple and to perfection! Our vegan Barbecue Sauce is rich...
Table Sauce Range
Our complete vegan table sauce range has the perfect combination of flavours to liven up every lunch and dinner. Feel like you are dining out in your own home! This pack contains our 4 table sauces. Made with natural ingredients,...
Tomato Ketchup & Mayo Trio - SPECIAL OFFER £7.25
Please Note: The Best Before Date for the Piri Mayo is 14 March 2023 and the Herb Mayo is 23 March 2023. Make mealtimes irresistible and upgrade our Tomato Ketchup and Mayo Trio. They pair perfectly with burgers or any...
£10.95 £7.25
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