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Helen Phadnis

Helen is a Registered Dietitian

I use the power of nutrition on a daily basis to:

– help those with IBS become symptom free,

– enable clients to lose weight in a sustainable way,

– support athletes in optimising their nutrition around training to boost performance and prevent injury.

How did I get here?

As a ‘skinny kid’ who loved sport I found people often commented on my ability to eat and stay slim! I became fascinated in nutrition and the human body and went on to study Biomedical Science and then Dietetics to Masters level at university.

This naturally led to a career within hospital dietetics in the NHS, where I expanded my nutrition and medical knowledge and helped patients on a daily basis – what a great job. However, it did have its frustrations in terms of the amount of time and resources available to provide an effective service. I knew I could offer people more.

I hope that my work with Slightly Different will get important scientifically backed messages out there for IBS sufferers. With such a multifaceted condition it’s imperative that a systematic and scientific approach is taken to manage it, to help you take control, and to start living your life again.

Book Your Free Discovery Call Today & Start Living Your Life Again

If you would like to work 1:1 with me to optimise your diet, be it for IBS, weight management or sporting gains please book in for a FREE 15 MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL, or visit my WEBSITE to find out more.

Appointments are available both remote and in person.

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