New Year, New You: How To Get Your IBS Diet Back On Track After The Festive Season


Christmas is a wonderful time to see friends and family, as well as enjoying buying and giving gifts -  but we all know that the main focus is always centred around the food. For anyone who suffers with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) then you will understand that this can be a triggering and challenging time of year. However, now we officially in 2023, you can get your diet back on track and your gut in a healthy, happy place.

At Deliciously Different Foods, we know that having to make the choice of enjoying the festive foods and feeling ill is a tough one. Regardless of how you chose to spend the Christmas season, we are here to help. In this article, we will show how you can get your diet back on track with an IBS diet and low FODMAP meals. 

What Are IBS Festive Foods?

What is an IBS festive diet? IBS differs from person to person and what triggers their gut issues. Knowing the foods that you can and cannot eat is a great way to navigate any occasion, not just Christmas. 

At Christmas in particular, we are usually bombarded with an abundance of creams, oils and high FODMAP foods. This can be from the vegetables used to the starchy foods, breads and other carbohydrates. Also, alcohol usually plays a large part and can be triggering for IBS symptoms. 

Navigating any festivities with IBS can mean maybe having a little bit of some of the food and drink but also being organised and bringing your own food. Also, we do choose to indulge over Crimbo, we can find it even harder to get back on track in the new year.

What Are The Best IBS Foods To Help Get You Back On Track?

Getting back on track doesn't have to mean a lifestyle overhaul, it is about being mindful about what foods you are putting in your body. You want to enjoy your food and get up from the dinner table satisfied without the worry of being in pain. If you stick to an IBS friendly and low FODMAP diet then this will help you to get your body back to a healthy state without too much effort.

Don’t overcomplicate mealtimes, this new year focus on foods that work with your gut. Fill your cupboards with jars and sauces that can have you whipping up a gut friendly meal in no time.

Our Around The World Back of 8 Sauces are the exact thing you need to simplify and get your eating back on track. Make mealtimes an event to look forward to with our complete range of vegan and FODMAP friendly cooking sauces from around the world. Whatever cuisine you fancy, transport yourself there with our sauces. Made with natural ingredients, these sauces are certified Low FODMAP Friendly and gluten-free.

Choose From Our Range Of IBS Friendly Recipes 

We want the foods you eat and prepare to be easy and simple, that is why our recipes are made for everyday use to make lunches and mealtimes enjoyable as well as delicious. Also, you never have to feel like you’re missing out, you can recreate any dish you love and make it IBS friendly using our sauces. We have made it that easy for you!

Choose from our range of recipes, whether you want a takeaway  or kebab for your weekend treat, or Italian for dinner, maybe you’ve been wanting to try Greek food.  Whatever you fancy, we can help you make and you won't even realise you aren’t eating the ‘real’ thing.

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