World Food Day: How To Celebrate When You Have IBS


With World Food Day 2022 dedicated to better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life for everyone, it brings issues to the forefront and explores how we can treat the planet better when considering overconsumption so everyone has access to nutritious foods. 

Here at Deliciously Different Food, we wanted to celebrate this and the idea that everyone should have access to nutritious food, even those who suffer from dietary requirements like that of IBS. In this article we’ll look at the importance of understanding and celebrating World Food Day but also some inspiration and meal preps for those of you who may see nutritious food choices difficult because of IBS. 

Everything You Need To Know About World Food Day 2022

With World Food Day 2022 fast approaching, it brings to light many important aspects and issues of the food industry and overconsumption. Although we live in a fast growing world there are many people who are left behind when it comes to sourcing and accessing nutritious food. With enough food being produced today to theoretically feed everyone on the planet, malnutrition is still a huge issue. Therefore, ahead of World Food Day we wanted to bring this to light and celebrate how to incorporate nutritious foods into your diet at ease, even if you have a sensitive stomach.  

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How To Celebrate World Food Day The IBS-Friendly Way 

Planning and sticking to a dietary meal plan to ensure you get nutritious food, whilst also not being prone to overconsumption, resulting in too much food waste. Now, we get it! It may seem like a lot of planning, especially for those who are limited to IBS friendly foods. However, here at Deliciously Different Food we specialise in making IBS-friendly cuisines delicious, convenient and quick to prep with all our delicious and nutritious sauces. 

All products are deliberately formulated for those who suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and therefore they are all fully certified 100% FODMAP friendly and excludes all 14 major allergens including gluten and dairy. Not to mention being 100% natural and nutritious, our small family run business ensures all our cupboard sauces are just as delicious as you’d hope. With a sauce for every cuisine and craving it’s easier than ever to prepare an anti-inflammatory meal plan with every dish, and not be prone to waste any food!

With numerous delicious food and sources catered deliberately for IBS sufferers you can enjoy any meal carefree. Incorporating and taking inspiration from around the world, Deliciously Different Range include natural award winning gut and IBS-friendly store cupboard foods. Making it quick and easy in the kitchen to achieve delicious home cooked food to fantastic weekday meals in minutes. 

With different cousins on offer there's numerous variations to choose from, whether that’s The Italian Range. Typically known for their dairy and cheese it can be a bit of challenge to source IBS friendly meals, however with our range you won’t think twice when recreating a vegan Bolognese with our Bolognese Sauce or The Tomato and Basil Sauce. Vegan, gluten free and with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives it’s the ideal for any guest. 

When it comes to sauces here at Deliciously Different Food, we haven’t forgotten the basics nor do we expect you to crack the code of all the homemade IBS-friendly condiments! With our nutritional experts, we’ve done it for you with the Tomato Ketchup & Mayo Trio making mealtimes irresistible. Celebrate in style with our gluten and lactose-free sauces suited for any occasion.

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IBS-Friendly & Vegan Recipes You Have To Try This World Food Day 

Eliminating meat can be great for many reasons and by choosing a vegan lifestyle it isn’t supporting climate changing conditions that the meat industry causes. For the deforestation, soil degradation, and the harmful and shear mass of greenhouse gas emissions associated with meat production. Going vegan however doesn’t necessarily mean one has to make any huge changes to their lifestyle, unless they want to. By opting for vegan choices and swapping out more harmful products on a regular basis is good for the environment. By opting for little changes that swap out any sort of meat prediction is a great solution for everyone, for example opting for vegan mayonnaise instead of the average, or a meat free sauce within your week can make a difference. 

A vegan lifestyle and consumption of any vegan product is a much more environmental option for those seeking to do their part for the planet. For those third world countries, climate change can be seen first hand with those affected often being those who live in extreme poverty in rural areas, as they rely on agriculture and natural resources for their living. With the rise of vegan meals and vegan alternatives to different foods gaining popularity, including our range of vegan sauces as well as salad dressings and vegan condiments. It’s easier than ever to conveniently prepare delicious, home cooked, nutritious and also IBS-friendly vegan meals!  

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