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Rather than writing a Christmas dinner recipe, I thought it would be more useful for those following a low FODMAP diet to choose what they would like to eat on Christmas day following the food allowance advised from the Monash app.

christmas dinner label



BionOrganic Black Olive Pate with Gluten free bread, (low fodmap allowance differs with certain brands of bread. 50g should be safe in gluten free sliced bread or roll).

(Check Black Olive Pate ingredients list for allergen advice). 40g of Pate will keep you within your Olive allowance. Side salad: Lettuce, chopped tomatoes & cucumber


Prawns: There is no maximum limit on these as they are protein and do not contain carbs, so they are completely fodmap free. Mix with homemade cocktail sauce, (there are a few low fodmap mayonnaise such as Heinz and Hellman’s and Tomato Ketchup is available through FODMARKET online however, make sure to read the portion size on the product). Don’t forget the sprinkle of Smoked Paprika to finish this dish! Side salad: Lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cucumber, and a slice of lemon to finish.



Roast Turkey: There is no maximum limit on meats, however, watch for basting ingredients such as garlic or honey. Exchange the honey for Maple syrup if possible. 125g suggested serving size.

If you prefer to choose a different meat such as gammon, chicken or beef all three are low fodmap.

Stuffing: Unless you are making the stuffing from scratch then stay away as most if not all will have onion/onion powder, garlic or garlic powder added. If you are making your own then here’s a recipe you might like to try

Parsnips & Carrots: Now these are great roasted, basted in garlic infused oil cracked black pepper and sea salt. The allowance for both vegetables is quite large at 75g of each, be careful if choosing a garlic infused oil as some are quite misleading with the garlic content. Tesco garlic infused oil is great and reasonably priced too!

Sprouts: This vegetable I just love but being high fodmap the maximum that can be tolerated is three sprouts 50g in total due to Fructans at 60g.

Green beans: These are a great alternative to peas at 75g which seems rather a lot so don’t overdo it unless this is your main vegetable.

Broccoli Heads only: 75g. At 240g there are levels of Fructose.

Broccoli Stalks only: 45g only. At 50g there are levels of Fructose so I would suggest if you were uncertain then stick with 45g for either of the two.

Note: As there are levels of Fructose in both Sprouts and Broccoli, if you combine them in the same meal, this may cause “stacking”,

You can either choose one or the other, or, if you chose to have both, Monash advise that you can have one full serve and one half serve and be within low FODMAP guidelines.

Pigs in blankets: Most bought sausage meat will have onion/onion powder, garlic or garlic powder included in the ingredients so, homemade is best and is simple to make from scratch. A quick alternative is using Heck pork sausages available from leading supermarkets

Pigs in blankets recipe

  1. Simply cut the sausages into 2-3 evenly sized small sausages and with your fingers seal the ends by pinching lightly.
  2. Cut some lean bacon into thin strips and carefully wrap around the sausages tightly.
  3. Place the sausages in a baking tray lightly covering with oil and place in the oven until golden brown.

Potatoes: Roasted or mashed 75g maximum, (if mashing watch out for the level of lactose in the butter. You may want to substitute the dairy butter with a vegan butter).

Yorkshire puddings: Free from Yorkshire puddings exclude gluten and wheat however, if buying them from a shop do check the ingredients panel. These will have milk listed so beware with the lactose consumption. Ready to mix puddings can be bought from Healthy Supplies which are dairy free, vegan friendly, nut free and gluten free, (stick to the recommended serving size on the packet as it contains chickpea).

Gravy: There are a few low fodmap gravies, stocks, and gravy powders available to buy through FODMARKET. I chose Massels gravy powder as I like thicker gravy so added some cornflour to make my perfect gravy.

Cranberry sauce: 50g maximum of cranberries so look at the ingredients and remember, the fruit that you add to your main meal means less fruit in your dessert!

Mint sauce: 20g

Horseradish: 40g which is quite substantial as it can be quite of a hit on the pallet and some may find it too hot, (check ingredients for hidden spices).



Fancy mince pies and Christmas pudding with whipped cream or custard for dessert?

Well, it’s a no for the traditional kinds but Alana Scott, A Little Bit Yummy, Lauren Renlund and FODMAP Friendly have created some very tasty alternatives that you’re sure to love!

fruit mince pies


Fruit mince pies recipe:

Christmas pudding recipe:

Custard: Just Whole Foods Vanilla custard powder. This is a great alternative to custard if you don’t have the time to make it from scratch. You can even choose your own milk whether is almond milk, lactose free milk or any other low fodmap milk.

Whipped cream recipe: If you prefer cream with your dessert, here’s a recipe from Lauren Renlund.

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Brownie recipe:

I hope this helps everyone have a slightly easier time when preparing your low FODMAP Christmas day menu.

Happy Christmas from all at Slightly Different

This article has been reviewed and approved by Everyday Nutrition Founder and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Joanna Baker.  

Article written by Sonia Fox, Founder of Slightly Different Foods

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