Download Your Vegan 7 Day Christmas Meal Plan


Lauren Renland has kindly put together a 7 day Christmas meal plan for all of you that not only have to deal with being on a low fodmap diet but also for those that have chosen to eat a vegan diet.

7 day christmas vegan meal plan

It’s difficult enough trying to find a diet that you will enjoy being on a low fodmap diet but when you rightly choose to become a vegan that limits you even more by following a low fodmap diet and a vegan diet, well it sure can be a challenging time.

As a vegan many replacement foods/ingredients that are meat or dairy substitutes can/will be high fodmap.

Hopefully this 7 day diet plan will help you get through what can be a challenging time!

Why not take a look at our Christmas Day menu and substitute the meat & dairy, (we like to offer help and guidance to help you on your way by using certain vegan products instead of dairy). You can enjoy Christmas eating on a low fodmap vegan diet.

Best Wishes For Christmas & The New Year.

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